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Department and Drug Safety/Pharmacogenetics Unit, Marmara University, Turkey



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Prof. Semra ÅžardaÅŸ is a board certified European Registered Toxicologist. She is the head of the Toxicology Department of Marmara University, Faculty of Pharmacy.  Her international training and collaborations include working on joint projects with University of London, Saint Mary’s Hospital and University of Newcastle upon Tyne, School of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacogenetics Unit for 7 years. She is among the founders of Turkish Society of Toxicology and Pharmacovigilance Society of Turkey. She had various responsibilities in numerous scientific commissions of Ministry of Health, Republic of Turkey including clinical trials, drug license, safety evaluation and risk management and she is the president of the Pharmacovigilance scientific committee of the Turkish Ministry since 2006. Her applied research has mainly focused on drug metabolism, pharmacogenetics, DNA damage / repair and adverse drug reactions.

Research Interest

Drug metabolism, Pharmacogenetics, DNA damage / repair and Adverse drug reactions.