University of Basel

The city of Basel is home to the oldest university in Switzerland. Founded upon the initiative of local citizens in 1460, Basel University is a modern and attractive centre of teaching, learning, and research situated in the heart of the historic old town with a tradition of over five hundred years of excellence in teaching, learning, and research.

Since 1996 Basel University has been selfmanaged whilst remaining under the jurisdiction of the Cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Land. It provides committed individuals from all over the world with a strong academic community and an inspiring work environment. It is home to 3,500 staff. Its annual budget is approximately 500 million Swiss francs, of which one fourth each is borne by the two sponsoring cantons. The remaining costs are covered through federal contributions, third-party funding, other cantons, and tuition fees.

Basel University has full university status. It offers degree programmes across the arts and sciences, ranging from Archaeology to Zoology comprising 7600 undergraduate and 3700 postgraduate and doctoral students. The 320 professors and 1300 academic staff are dedicated to advancing knowledge and fostering independent thinking and socially responsible action. One of the distinctive strengths is the focus on 'Culture' and 'Life Sciences'.

The mission of University is to accomplish first-class research, teaching, and public service and ranks among the world’s one hundred best universities and boast top-ten place among German-speaking universities.

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