Douglas F Boudinot, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Dean, Graduate School
Department of Pharmaceutics
Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

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Dr. Boudinot received his PhD. in Pharmaceutics from State University of New York in 1985. In 1979 - 1980 he worked as a Research Technician, Clinical Pharmacokinetics Laboratory at Millard Fillmore Hospital. In 1980 - 1985, He joined as Graduate Assistant, Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, State University of New York at Buffalo. In 1985 - 1990 He moved to University of Georgia to join as Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics, College of Pharmacy.  In 1986 - 2002 He was promoted to Faculty of Gerontology, University of Georgia Gerontology Center. From 2002 to present he was promoted to several posts such as Associate Professor, Head of Department, Associate Dean & Senior Associate Dean. He was also a part of Faculty of Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Toxicology, University of Georgia. Currently He is the  Dean of Graduate School, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Research Interest

Dr. Boudinot's research focuses on pharmacokinetics, biopharmaceutics, drug metabolism and pharmacodynamics in drug discovery and development. Research involves characterizing physicochemical properties of novel therapeutic agents, developing bioanalytical methodologies, conducting preclinical pharmacokinetic studies and developing pharmacokinetic models for interspecies scale up. Current work is focused on the pharmacokinetics of large molecular weight polyanionic compounds and characterization of physiological mechanisms involved in drug distribution and elimination.