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2020 Conference Announcement,  Geoinfor Geostat An Overview Vol: 7 Issue: 4

2020 Conference Announcement: 6th International Conference on GIS and Remote Sensing

Tim Webster

Nova Scotia Community College, Canada, UK E-mail:

Keywords: GIS,Remote Sensing

2020 Conference Announcement

A geographic information system (GIS) is a computer-based tool for mapping and analyzing features and events on earth. GIS technology integrates common database operations, such as query and statistical analysis, with maps. GIS manages location-based information and provides tools for display and analysis of various statistics, including population characteristics, economic development opportunities, and vegetation types. GIS allows you to link databases and maps to create dynamic displays. Additionally, it provides tools to visualize, query, and overlay those databases in ways not possible with traditional spreadsheets. These abilities distinguish GIS from other information systems, and make it valuable to a wide range of public and private enterprises for explaining events, predicting outcomes, and planning strategies.

Remote sensing is the art and science of making measurements of the earth using sensors on airplanes or satellites. These sensors collect data in the form of images and provide specialized capabilities for manipulating, analyzing, and visualizing those images. Remote sensed imagery is integrated within a GIS. For more, see the Principles in Remote Sensing tutorials from the Satellite Observations in Science Education site.

The GIS Congress 2020 is an event that aims to explore the ways to innovate in the field of Earth Science, and to find new resources for better industrial development at Barcelona, Spain on November 23-24, 2020. The conference will serve as a platform to bring together leading geologist with different specialties such as environmental and earth science scientists, professors, Business delegates. Congress will discuss on the topics such as Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System, GIS Techniques and Technology, GIS in Renewable Energy Sources, Remote Sensing in Urban Environment, Seismology and Geodesy, Geodynamics, Geostatistics, GIS and Natural Resource Management, Implications of GIS in Society.

GIS Congress 2019 supported by the organizing committee network of renowned scientific and professional expert such as Tim Webster, Canadian Institute of Geomatics, Nova Scotia Branch, Canada it provided a platform for collaboration among colleagues, vendors, and academia to reveal new innovations, solutions, ideas, and emerging technologies in GIS and Remote Sensing.

The overall GIS promote is probable on the way to increase in intensity beginning $8,985.5 million clothed in 2016, on the way to get hold of $17,510.9 million in 2023, on the rise on a CAGR of 10.1% at some stage in 2017 – 2023.

together with the innumerable treatment areas, authority sector has been the chief contributor on the way to the total GIS market, accounting on behalf of greater than 28% of the inclusive revenue in the sphere of 2016. ever-increasing urbanization, voguish toting up toward the swelling adoption of project GIS popular on the increase countries is anticipated in the direction of encourage the order pro geographic in a row organization all through the forecast period. Moreover, the inhabitants explosion as a consequence quick industrialization is urging the must designed for automated rest management, in so doing lashing the comprehensive Geographic in rank scheme market. The on the rise infringement of GIS at home tape athletic competition commerce would spread add just before the evolution of international Geographic in turn classification marketplace more than the approaching years.

Earth Science Conferences going to be held during January 2020 to December, 2020 at various cities in Europe (London, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Rome, Milan, Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna, Zurich, Dublin, Edinburgh…. And Many More..!!! )

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