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Editorial, Geoinfor Geostat An Overview Vol: 8 Issue: 4

A Short Note on Geography Studies

Niharika Dvivedi*

Department of Geography, Andhra University , India

*Corresponding Author: Niharika Dvivedi
Department of Geography, University of Andra, India

Received: August 10, 2020 Accepted: September 10, 2020 Published: September 17, 2020

Citation: Dvivedi N (2020) A short Note on Geography Studies. GeoinforGeostat: An Overview 8:4. doi: 10.37532/gigs.2020.8(4).264


Geography studies earth science is that the study of the lands in habitation and method of earth and planets. earth science secular info on understanding of earth and it's human and natural complexities that changes time to time. Geography classified into many branches like human earth science, geography, integrated earth science, reasonable earth science, geomatics. Human earth science are often outlined because the study of individuals and their communities, cultures, economics and their relation with the environments supported Their living places Physical geography are often outlined because the study of the phenomenon’s and pattern of natural atmosphere like atmosphere, biosphere, layer and lithosphere. It is study of earth's seasons, climate, soil, oceans etc

Keywords: Hydrology; Oceanography; Palaeography

Physical geography additional classified into many classes like life story, meteorology, coastal earth science, hydrology, oceanography, oceanography, palaeography etc. Biography is that the study of distribution species and ecosystems in earth science house and thru time meteorology are often outlined because the study of atmospheric phenomenon organized over a amount of your time. Coastal earth science is that the study of standard changes within the reason between the land and ocean geophysics are often outlined because the study of water on earth. The moment and therefore the distribution of water studied in geophysics.

geophysics deals with measurements and therefore the explanation of physical additional of oceans, seas, lakes, rivers etc. and their changes from time to time earth science is a very important natural science. It is the study of physical and biological characterises of the oceans. It deals with ocean currents, waves, scheme etc. Palaeography is that the study of land forms, humans. It conjointly study of earth science like physical land scrapes and cultural environments

Human earth science additional classified into many classes. They are cultural geography is that the study if totally different nations and cultures on earth. Development geography is that the study of the standards of living and its quality of lifetime of the humans or the method of modification that affects people's lives. Economic geography the study of economic includes selection approaches to many topics like industries locations, linkages, real estate, transportation, international trade etc

Health geography the study of geographical info, perspectives and ways for the study of health, disease and health is influenced by positioning medical earth science with the sector of social earth science because of the shift towards the social model in health instead of medical model. Historical geography is that the study regarding changes in geographic conditions from time to time Political geography the study of each the uneven outcomes of political method and therefore the ways that within which political method tormented by spatial structures Geopolitics are often outlined because the study effects the planet earth science on politics and mediation. Religion earth science. it's the study of non-secular belief influence on folks of place and house. Social geography deals with the relation of socail phenomena and its elements.

NOx emissions, particularly oxide (NO) – to blame for respiratory organ irritation, coughing, air pollution formation also as for water quality deterioration. Sulphur dioxide (SO2) – inflicting unhealthy, chest tightness, respiratory disease also as varied scheme damages, particularly acid rains.

Integrated earth science worries with the outline of the spatial interactions between humans and therefore the plants. Geomatics worries with the appliance of computers to the standard spatial techniques employed in fashioning and topography. Geomatics emerged from the quantitative revolution in earth science

Regional geography branch that worries with the outline of the distinctive characteristics of the layer, leading to every space from the mix of its complete natural or components, as of physical and human atmosphere. Cartography studies the illustration of the layer with abstract symbols (map making). though alternative subdisciplines of earth science think about maps for presenting their analyses, the particular creating of maps is abstract enough to be regarded individually. fashioning has adult from a set of drafting techniques into AN actual science.

Cartographers should learn psychology and technology to know that symbols convey info regarding the planet most effectively, and behavioural psychological science to induce the readers of their maps to act on the knowledge. they have to learn geophysics and fairly advanced arithmetic to know however the form of the planet affects the distortion of map symbols projected onto a flat surface for viewing. It is often aforementioned, while not a lot of tilt, that fashioning is that the seed from that the larger field of earth science grew. Most geographers can cite a childhood fascination with maps as AN early sign they might find yourself within the field

The mathematical basis for geostatistics derives from cluster analysis, linear discriminant analysis and non-parametric applied mathematics tests, and a range of alternative subjects. Applications of geostatistics believe heavily on geographic info systems, significantly for the interpolation (estimate) of unmeasured points. Geographers ar creating notable contributions to the tactic of quantitative techniques

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