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Opinion Article,  Geoinfor Geostat An Overview Vol: 9 Issue: 2

Cartography as a science and technique to investigate

Kondala sai sree

Kondala s, Department of Pharmacy, Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University, Hyderabad India

*Corresponding author

Kondala s, Department of Pharmacy, Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University, Hyderabad India


Received: January 29, 2021 Accepted: February 12, 2021 Published: February 19, 2021

Citation: Kondala S, (2021) Short Note on Cartography. Geoinfor Geostat: An Overview 2021, 9:2; 285.


Cartography as a science and technique to investigate, visualize and communicate spatial data. Making is that the cross-over discipline within the field of spatial and geo sciences, as well as geoinformation science. artography addresses spatial  queries from a spread of disciplines, as well as geographics, environmental sciences and social sciences, victimization ways and tools developed at the interface with neighboring domains like geophysical science, GI Science, and spatial  noesis.

Keywords: Cartography: spatial: geo sciences

Making is each a science associated an art, whereas GIS evolved as an additional precise and objective approach to what's discernible and measurable concerning the surface, with a stress on numerical analysis. Whereas the excellence between the 2 fields isn't as robust as within the past, these nuances stay these days.

Cartographic style principles

Continuing analysis, primarily based in each geographic and therefore the psychological science of the map reader, has yielded several principles of excellent making style. These principles embody map layout, style parts, and information symbolization. These principles guide such ideas as balance, typography, placement, color and pattern use, selection of image form and size, scale, map projection, abstraction, and more. This style principles area unit represented and tutored in a very type of resources.

Children as Map Users within the data Technology Era

Cartography at the start of 21st century is facing a industrial revolution because of the widespread use of electronic media and particularly of computers and data technology. In several countries, people have access to a pc typically connected to a worldwide network every day. Such a technological advance not solely affects the technical frame of making; however it additionally changes resolutely the relation between making and society. Throughout the long history of making, the latter round-faced vital technological revolutions that modified the ways of map construction dramatically. However in each case, the making processes required specially trained workers (cartographers) so as to be performed. As a result, the data of a way to construct a map was associated with a really tiny section of the society, that is, the cartographers. The existence of such advanced technological tools is reworking any member of the society, and particularly youngsters, into a geographer by providing electronic systems ready to construct any quite map.

Indeed, youngsters have a additional privileged place by being orientated with the employment of the computers. Youngsters will simply convey the data no heritable from taking part in a video game into an efficient construction of a map. 2 problems area unit vital for the children’s correct assimilation of the current technology. The primary one is said to the dramatic amendment of the on the market academic tools provided by data technology. Software system packages give the power to simulate many spatial phenomena (construction of models, walkthrough, and fly-through) and to construct virtual worlds and examples, whereas at identical time their perform is characterized by interactivity. Thus, victimization electronic media, youngsters will be exposed to map skills and to map ideas (i.e., generalization, projections, and spherical Earth) by suggests that of assorted and effective communicative ways that. The second issue refers to youngsters as mapmakers. Within the past, youngsters were constructing associate analog map of a continent, for instance, by tracing (from a printed map) the outline on a bit of paper. With a pc, they will construct an in depth map of identical continent by retrieving information from a spatial information and symbolizing numerous options in various colorful ways that. An essential question is raised here on whether or not these maps created by youngster’s area unit effective in developing making data or area unit them only drawings. Specialists on youngsters and mapping persistently arouse map skill.

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