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Editorial, Dent Health Curr Res Vol: 7 Issue: 11

Clinical Features, Symptoms and Treatment of Dentigerous Cyst

Richard G. Stevenson*

Section of Restorative Dentistry, UCLA School of Dentistry, USA

*Corresponding Author:

Richard G. Stevenson
Section of Restorative Dentistry, UCLA School of Dentistry, USA

Received Date: November 15, 2021; Accepted Date: November 22, 2021; Published Date: November 29, 2021

Citation: Stevenson RG (2021) Clinical Features, Symptoms and Treatment of Dentigerous Cyst. Dent Health Curr Res 7:11. e119.

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Keywords: Cyst, Dentigerous, Lower jaw, Dental

What Is A Dentigerous Cyst?

A dentigerous cyst may be a smooth, circular pillage of clear fluid that lazily makes inside the gums where a grown-up tooth is coming in. The Mayo Clinic says that they are the most common cyst to impact the jaw, and they are substantially found on the lower jaw (mandible) around wisdom teeth, but they can form around other teeth. They’re generally painless and normally benign (not dangerous); still, they can beget damage if they continue growing. According to the American Dental Association, excrescencies could harm “the roots of nearby teeth or destroy the bone that supports your teeth.”

In spite of the fact that dentigerous cysts are mild, they can lead to serious complications if cleared out untreated. They generally present within the second and fourth decades of life but are exceptional in childhood as they solely do in secondary dentition. They are also known as follicular cysts and are formative in nature.

Symptoms of dentigerous cysts include

Tooth sensitivity


Tooth displacement

A small bump where a tooth is supposed to erupt

Gaps between displaced teeth

Smaller dentigerous cysts may not appear any signs, but you’ll take note the above- specified indications when they are further than 2 centi meters in diameter.

Clinically, it’s frequently asymptomatic; it’s found as an incidental radiographic finding or when intense inflammation, disease or swelling creates where it shows up as a well circumscribed, unilocular, for the most part symmetric radiolucency around the crown of an affected tooth. As typical follicular space is 3-4 mm, a dentigerous cyst can be suspected when the space is more than 5 mm. These cysts may moreover change over into ameloblastomas, mucoepidermoid carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

The development rate may be very quick, with lesions developing up to 5 cm in breadth in 3-4 years. It can, still, become greatly huge and is sometimes related with cortical extension and erosion. The development of these cysts is usually related to an increase inside the osmolality coming about from passage of inflammatory cells and desquamated epithelial cells into the cystic lumen.

What Are Treatment and Recovery Like?

Your general dentist may be able to remove your cyst if they’ve special surgical training, but you will probably be appertained to an oral surgeon. Oral surgeons frequently encounter numerous types of cysts while removing wisdom teeth.

First, you will receive a local anaesthetic. Also your oral surgeon will probably remove the tooth and the cyst. However, your dental professional may be suitable to drain the cyst or remove the cyst by itself, if your cyst is small. For bigger, more severe cysts, your surgeon may perform a bone graft in the event that you’ve experienced bone loss.

Healing time can take anywhere from a week to a some months, depending on the severity and size of your cyst. It generally only requires one procedure, but you may have to return for post-surgical visits so the surgeon can check the mending progress.

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