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Short Communication, Geoinfor Geostat An Overview Vol: 8 Issue: 6

Geographic Data System Technology: Implications for Disaster and Emergency Management in Kingdom of Sweden

Elena Glibert*

Department of Geography,
Andra University Visakhapatnam, India

*Corresponding Author:
Elena Glibert
Department of Geography
Andra University
Visakhapatnam, India
E-mail: elenaglibert

Received: November 10, 2020 Accepted: December 02, 2020 Published: December 08, 2020

Citation: Elena Glibert (2020) Geographic Data System Technology: Implications for Disaster and Emergency Management in Kingdom of Sweden. GeoinforGeostat: An Overview 8:6.275


Information technology is currently out there to several countries however there may be issues within the transfer of the technology. The transfer of geographical info systems (GIS) to Republic of Poland provides Associate in Nursing example of this. Transfer of technology is taken into account as a four-dimensional phenomenon; as a cultural phenomenon; social, economic and political development. it's additionally thought of in terms of its technical and structure side and legal problems. A case-study on the transfer of technology to Republic of Poland is delineated at the side of work on analysis aspects and applications. Conclusions on conditions for the flourishing transfer of GIS to Republic of Poland area unit given

Keywords: Geographic technology: disaster and Sweden,

The poorness alleviation work of e-commerce mustn't solely change policies in real time and rationally, however conjointly build changes and breakthroughs in specific implementation ways and technical suggests that.

• Co-construction of classification and deposit management Through the applying of system construction, we will facilitate the poorness alleviation departments to classify and manage the poorness alleviation knowledge and data scientifically, solve the inconvenience caused by the sophisticated and sophisticated paper knowledge within the past, like confusion of classification, disorder of storage and management, unclear info and unclear inquiry.

• Publicize peers at intervals the system, through economic integration and correct screening, the information of e-commerce poorness alleviation will be accurately positioned and placed on the spot by Web GIS, Asp.Net, Arc GIS Server, IIS and alternative web technologies. the data of e-commerce poorness alleviation policies, trends and achievements of ecommerce poorness alleviation will be displayed intuitively and fittingly, and therefore the info work of poorness alleviation will be done well, in order that everybody is aware of, pays attention to and more participates in poorness alleviation Objective to market the event of e-commerce poorness alleviation by information.

• Pay equal attention to service and decision-making within the system, supported information change and classification integration, correct applied mathematics analysis will be achieved, and poorness reduction applied mathematics charts, individual poorness alleviation reports and individual annual financial gain and expenditure reports will be generated consistent with relevant indicators, which might facilitate the poorness alleviation management departments to accurately grasp the present state of affairs of the e-commerce poorness alleviation work, and supply call support for the look and implementation of future e-commerce poorness alleviation work, therefore facultative the e-commerce poorness alleviation work. Achieves the goal that is completely different from person to person, precise to individual, precise to live. the full system is intended with B/S design and MVC mode.

The system consists of user layer, application layer, GIS platform layer, knowledge resource layer and basic platform layer. the right separation of front-end system and back-end system facilitates operation and maintenance and improves system security.

Mobile knowledge acquisition system is especially used for low-income farmers ‘spatial location and field icon assortment. The system has 2 performs: one is user login; the system must collect personnel info automatically; the other is active acquisition function. The system style includes 3 parts: to be collected, to be rumored and to be rumored. The poor households that haven't however been collected. The half to be reported will quickly store the data being collected. The rumored half shows the collected knowledge. E-commerce poorness alleviation visual image system adopts GIS thematic map, wide map, three-dimensional geographic reality, applied mathematics chart and alternative ways in which, and adopts the route from county to city to village so to house, from prime to bottom, from international to native, chiefly to see poorness alleviation-related knowledge. knowledge management system is especially wont to import, maintain, update the special location and attribute info of the info collected by mobile terminal, question and statistics supported numerous conditions, spatial analysis of GIS and alternative functions. Through the applied mathematics analysis of poorness alleviation trend of economically weak villages, poorness alleviation trend of low-income farmers, financial gain of e-commerce poorness alleviation comes and visiting knowledge of serving to villages, it's supplemented by geographical national conditions superintendence.

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