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Market Analysis, Dent Health Curr Res Vol: 5 Issue: 3

Global presence of your research at Asia Pacific Dental and Oral Health Congress-2020 scheduled during March 23-24, 2020 Yokohama, Japan

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Market Analysis

Importance and Scope

Conference series LLC LTD gives a good opportunity and invites global participants of Dental Researchers to Dental Congress in Yokohama, Japan which will be held from March 23-24, 2020. The event will mainly focus on the Modern exploration of techniques in Dental and Oral Health research and provide deep knowledge on novel techniques for dental problems and recent techniques. It is a Global platform that combines different domains, will stimulate the exchange of ideas and enable participants to grasp the modern exploration techniques and ideas in different areas of Dental treatments and advancements. The event includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions.

With members from around the world targeted on learning concerning Dental and Oral Health advances, this is often your best chance to succeed in the most important assemblage of participants from the Dental community. This gathering will provide networking sessions for Scientists, Dental Professionals, Dental Nurses, Professors, Business Assistants, Students, individuals from all dental groups and receive name recognition at this 2-day event

Dental Congress 2020 aims to unite the academic scientists, researchers to exchange ideas, knowledge, novel techniques used, recent innovations, trends, challenges and the solutions which can be adopted in the field of Dental treatments and advancements.

Dentistry in Japan

Japan is the second largest medical equipment market in the world. In 2000 the market worth was only 1.9 trillion yen, but by 2010 it reached 2.3 trillion yen. More than 50% of its domestic market includes treatment-oriented equipment. Japan has the largest number of dentists and hospitals compared to Korea.

Current Market Statistics:

The Global Dental Market is aiming to cross US $ 60 Billion by 2024 due to the demand for better oral wellbeing and high income of people globally. By creating the awareness on oral hygiene i.e., by keeping our teeth and mouth clean, can prevent gingivitis, cavities, and bad breath are some factors that will help the global dental market to reach its position in the upcoming years.


It is estimated to have a growth rate of $55 billion in 2019 with an annual growth of 2.9.

Major Dental Associations around the Globe:

Australian Dental Association, American Dental Association, British Orthodontic Society, British Dental Association, Canadian Dental Association, Canadian Association of Orthodontists, European Dental Association, European Federation of Periodontology, FDI World Dental Federation, Indian Dental Association, International Association for Dental, Royal College of Dentists, Swedish Dental Society 

Dental Associations in Japan:

Japanese Society for Dental Health, Japan Dental Association, Japan Endodontic Association, Japan Prosthodontics Society, Japanese Dental Society of Anesthesiology, Japanese Society for Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology,  Japanese Orthodontic Society, Japanese Society of Conservative Dentistry, Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry, Japanese Society of Gerodontology, Japanese Society of Periodontology

Contact Email:

Jessie Olivia,
Dental Congress 2020
WhatsApp: +443308081224, +44 2879480011

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