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Editorial, J Genit Syst Disord Vol: 10 Issue: 5

Management of Undescended Testis

Amin Gohary


Cryptorchidism is a common congenital anomaly of newborns that may resolve, persist or first appear in later childhood. It affects 4% to 5% of full-term and in 9% to 30% of premature males at birth. The testis can be found in any position along its usual line of descent; however, approximately 80% will be located in the inguinal region, just outside the inguinal canal. Approximately 20% of undescended testes are nonpalpable and in 20% to 50% of children with nonpalpable testis, the testis is absent. Laparoscopy has been established as the most reliable diagnostic modality for the management of impalpable testes. In experienced hands, laparoscopy is capable of providing nearly 100% accuracy in the diagnosis of the intra-abdominal testis with minimal morbidity.

Keywords: Testis

Burjeel Hospital, UAE

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