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Perspective, Dent Health Curr Res Vol: 8 Issue: 5

Over-Retention of Primary Teeth, Impaction or Delayed Eruption of Permanent Teeth

Bhavika Dev*

Department of Oral Pathologist, Al-Rasheed University College, Baghdad, Iraq

*Corresponding Author: Bhavika Dev
Department of Oral Pathologist,
Al- Rasheed University College,

Received date: 12 April 2022, Manuscript No. DHCR-22-60431; Editor assigned date: 15 April 2022, PreQC No. DHCR-22-60431 (PQ); Reviewed date: 29 April 2022, QC No. DHCR-22-60431; Revised date: 13 June 2022, Manuscript No. DHCR-22-60431 (R); Published date: 20 June 2022, DOI: 10.4172/2470-0886.1000109.

Citation: Dev B (2022) Over-Retention of Primary Teeth, Impaction or Delayed Eruption of Permanent Teeth. Dent Health Curr Res 8:5.


The teeth inflicting the numerical excess within the traditional dentition is represented as supernumerary teeth. Mesiodens refers to a supernumerary tooth/teeth gift within the premaxilla placed palatally, labially or in between the 2 central incisors. The term mesiodens was coined by Bolk to denote the supernumerary tooth gift in between the jaw central incisors. Mesiodens square measure the foremost common variety of supernumerary teeth with overall prevalence between 0.15% and 1.9%. Their incidence has been reported between forty six and sixty seven of all the supernumerary teeth. They occur a lot of ordinarily within the permanent dentition as compared to it of teeth with male predominance (2:1). They’re sometimes little, with a cone formed crown and a brief root. Mesiodens will occur one by one or as multiples, could seem unilaterally or bilaterally, sometimes found to be compact and even inverted generally. Mesiodens is also rudimentary or supplementary. Supplementary mesiodentes jibe natural teeth in each size and form, whereas rudimentary mesiodens exhibit abnormal form and smaller size. Mesiodens is also cone like, plant process or molariform in form although conelike is that the commonest type. Cone like mesiodentes typically have a totally shaped root and may erupt into the rima. Plant process mesiodens square measure barrel-shaped, with many tubercles or cusps, and have incomplete or abnormal root formation.


In distinction to conical mesiodens, plant process mesiodentes seldom erupt themselves. Plant process mesiodents square measure ordinarily related to alternative supernumerary teeth, develop later than conelike mesiodentes and typically occupy a a lot of palatal position. Molariform mesiodens incorporates a premolar like crown and a totally shaped root. Most issues related to mesiodens square measure associated with altered growth and development within the space. Common issues embrace abnormal state of affairs or spacing of the anterior teeth, over retention of primary teeth, impaction or delayed eruption of permanent teeth, dilaceration or abnormal root development. Alternative less frequent issues square measure root biological process of adjacent teeth, cyst formation, and nasal eruption of inverted supernumerary teeth. A total of 6400 patients WHO visited OPD of personal dental school of Jodhpur town (Rajasthan) for a amount from April 2013 to March 2014 were enclosed within the study for the prevalence of mesiodens. The study was approved by institutional moral committee. Written ensure consent was taken from all the patients. All the patients were completely examined clinically underneath artificial illumination mistreatment mouth mirror and probe sporting sterile hand gloves and mouth mask and radiographs were taken if mesiodens were found. All the mesiodens found were discovered considering gender, shape, number, eruption standing, orientation and complications related to them. Photography examinations were dole out for all the patients with mesiodens. Images of all the cases were gaga their several radiographs. Exclusion criteria enclosed patients with congenital disorder and surface, patients with general diseases and syndromes and patients below fourteen yrs. The etiology of supernumerary teeth isn't fully understood. Varied theories exist for the various varieties of supernumerary. Organic process reversion (atavism) theory postulated that mesiodentes painted an organic process relic of extinct ancestors WHO had three central incisors. This has currently been for the most part discarded by embryologists. A second theory called duality suggests that the tooth bud is split to form a pair of teeth, one in all that is that the mesiodens. Supporters of this theory believe that duality represents complete germination, which conjointly happens ofttimes within the anterior upper jawbone. The third theory, involving upset of the dental plate, is that the most generally supported. In line with this theory, remnants of the dental plate or palatal offshoots of active dental plate square measure iatrogenic to become an additional tooth bud, which ends in an exceedingly supernumerary tooth. Heredity might also play a job within the prevalence of this anomaly. Mesiodens once gift is also related to some complications. Careful observation, correct identification and systematic treatment could stop the patients to face the issues. Any studies with larger sample size with a lot of parameters ought to be dole out in several populations therefore on get a national knowledge base for future researchers. Dental esthetics is combination of teeth additionally as pink colored gingivae. periodontic diseases, surgeries, trauma, ridge biological process and traumatic tooth extraction may end up in open interdental areas, elongated clinical crowns and altered labiodental, labioalveolar consonant sound production. The reconstruction of those areas with restorative like animal tissue veneer is helpful to correct the deformities remaining when the management of periodontic diseases, particularly within the jaw anterior region. A forty year previous feminine patient reported to the department of dental medicine, Subharti Dental School and Hospital with the chief grievance of receding gums and black triangles formation in reference to jaw anterior teeth. The patient was conjointly terribly sad with the esthetic look of the “elongated teeth”. Since surgical procedure in such things is expensive, needs prolonged healing time, patient wasn't prepared for surgical procedure; therefore call was created to fabricate a removable restorative to shut the areas between the anterior teeth.


Procedure on intraoral examination, severe undercuts were blocked out interproximally with wax from the lingual facet so the synthetic resin animal tissue veneer would solely cowl the labial and buccal embrasures. Alginate jaw impression was taken in an exceedingly perforated stock receptacle, and a forged was poured in sort 1V dental stone. The cascade was waxed up specifically because it is to look and tried within the patient’s mouth for its adaption. Heat cure synthetic resin that's poly methyl group methacrylate (Trevlon HI) in conjunction with adscititious stains and fibres to simulate the gum was packed within the typical manner. When natural action, deflasking is finished and restorative is cut slightly to get rid of excess material so it had been tried and adjusted in patient mouth. The patient was given directions on the utilization and maintenance of the mask.

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