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Short Communication, Geoinfor Geostat An Overview Vol: 8 Issue: 4

Short Note on Geothermal Energy

Niharika Dvivedi*

Department of Geography, Andhra University , India

*Corresponding Author: Niharika Dvivedi
Department of Geography, University of Andra, India

Received: August 10, 2020 Accepted: September 10, 2020 Published: September 17, 2020

Citation: Dvivedi N (2020) Short Note on Geothermal Energy. GeoinforGeostat: An Overview 8:4. doi: 10.37532/gigs.2020.8(4).263


Geothermal energy is heat derived with within the sub- surface of the world. water or steam carry the geo thermal energy to the Earth's surface. looking on its characteristics, geo thermal energy is used for heating and cooling purpose or be controlled to get clean electricity. Geothermal power plants, which use heat from deep within the world to get steam to create electricity. energy heat pumps, which faucet into heat on the point of the world surface to heat water or give heat for buildings however it generates geotheo power plants use steam to provide electricity. The steam comes from resources of plight Found many miles or move below the Earth's surface. The steam rotates a rotary engine that activates generator, which turn out electricity sorts PF heat energy, Dry steam, Flash steam, Binary cycle

Keywords: Heat energy; Dry steam; Flash steam; Binary cycle

Uses of heat energy

Geothermal energy is additionally wont to directly heat ivdivial buildings and to heat multiple buildings with district heating systems. Hot water close to the Earth's surface is piped into building for warmth. A district heating provides heat for many of the buildings
Today geotheo energy is employed in France, turkey, the U. S. and Japan among others. Ice land is one amongst the most important users of heat energy just about the whole town of national capital is heated with water wired in kind hot springs and energy wells.

Best location for heat energy

The best spots for heat energy plants in southern Calif. wherever their square measure lots of hot steam reservoirs, and there's conjointly lots of area for the plants. Hawaii is additionally a particularly great place for heat energy plants, because heat energy resources square measure on the point of the Earth's surface blessings OF heat energy
geothermal energy has several blessings, particularly compared to traditional sources of energy

• Geothermal mineral sourcing is sweet for the atmosphere

• Geothermal could be a reliable supply of renewable energy

• High potency of energy systems

• Little to no energy system maintenance

Disadvantages of heat energy

The main disadvantage is abundance of inexperienced house gases below the surface of the world a number of that mitigates towards the surface and into the atmosphere Very overpriced Sustainability problems & surface instability (earth quakes)

Geothermal energy is thermal energy generated and hold on within the Earth. ... The warm temperature and pressure in Earth's interior cause some rock to soften and solid mantle to behave plastically, leading to parts of the mantle converting upward since it's lighter than the encircling rock.

Geothermal power plants square measure related to Sulphur dioxide and silicon dioxide emissions, and therefore the reservoirs will contain traces of noxious significant metals as well as mercury, arsenic and atomic number 5. in spite of however we glance at it, the pollution related to energy power is obscurity close to what we tend to see with coal power and fossil fuels.

NOx emissions, particularly oxide (NO) – to blame for respiratory organ irritation, coughing, air pollution formation also as for water quality deterioration. Sulphur dioxide (SO2) – inflicting unhealthy, chest tightness, respiratory disease also as varied scheme damages, particularly acid rains.

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