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Short Communication, Geoinfor Geostat An Overview Vol: 8 Issue: 3

Short Note on Web Mapping

Niharika Dvivedi*

Department of Geography, University of Andra, India

*Corresponding Author: Niharika Dvivedi
Department of Geography, University of Andra, India

Received: July 10, 2020 Accepted: July 20, 2020 Published: July 27, 2020

Citation: Niharika D (2020) Short Note on Web Mapping. GeoinforGeostat: An Overview 8:3 doi: 10.37532/gigs.2020.8(3).259


Web mapping can be defined as the process of using maps which are delivered by geographic information system in world wide web. A web map in both served and consumed on the world wide web. The consumers of the web map may choose what the map shows. The terms web GIS and web mappings are somewhat identical web maps used by web GIS and the end users using web mapping are gaining analytical capabilities. The term location boned services concerns to web mapping consumer good, and servicer. Web browsers commonly involved in web mapping

Keywords: Dynamic web maps, Static web maps, GIS analysis, cartography

Web Mapping

The changes and updates of web mapping in due to acerbation of quality, usability and social benefits. Web mapping made a new drift in cartography. for cartography, it is required expensive and complex hardware’s and software’s and also skilled cartographers and geometric engineers so it was limited to a few companion institute and mapping agencies who cannot afford Web mapping has brought many geographical abstracts that provides free ones produced by open street map. Many numbers of free software’s developed that produces maps.

Types of web maps

There are two types of web maps. Those are (1). Dynamic web maps

(2). Static web

Dynamic web maps are further classified in several map such as analytical web maps, animated and real time, collaborative web maps, online at laser. Analytical web maps offer GIS analysis. The geo data may need updates. Some of the analysis can be done by GIS geodata servers. Real time maps display the situation of an occasion in close to real time Generally, they are animated. It collects data with the help of sensors to generator map and updates at regular intervals. In animated maps, it displays changes in the map overtime by animating one of the geographical (or) temporals variabilities collaborative web maps are developing potential. In these software’s, users combine in order to create and develop the web mapping experiences.

There are some collaborative mapping projects such as google map maker, open street map etc

Online atlases are the traditional atlas goes through a large transition when hosted on web. Some at an offer raw data of underlying geospatial data sources Static web map is view without animation (or) interactivity. The files produced once, are updates manually or infrequently. Graphic formats for static web map are JPEG, GIF, PNG etc. In these map types, it has scanned paper maps which are not designed or screen maps, paper maps have high resolution and information than computer display of name physical size Get Capabilities – returns parameters about the WMS (such as map image format and WMS version compatibility) and the available layers (map bounding box, coordinate reference systems, URI of the data and whether the layer is mostly opaque or not)

Get Map – returns a map image. Parameters include: width and height of the map, coordinate reference system, rendering style, image format. Get Feature Info – if a layer is marked as 'quarriable' then you can request data about a coordinate of the map image.

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