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Opinion Article, Geoinfor Geostat An Overview S Vol: 6 Issue: 3

The GIS Integration Challenge

Hatteras Hoops*

Booz Allen Hamilton, Stuttgart, Germany

*Corresponding Author : Hatteras Hoops
Booz Allen Hamilton, Stuttgart, Germany
+ 491755000000

Received: March 27, 2018 Accepted: May 08, 2018 Published: May 13, 2018

Citation: Hoops, et al. (2018) The GIS Integration Challenge. Geoinfor Geostat: An Overview S3:002. doi: 10.4172/2327-4581.S3-002


GIS integrates a fleet of rapidly evolving skills and expertise not entirely dissimilar to other highly-applicable, highlytechnological fields. The GIS integration challenge refers to the lack of professional focus on this grey portion of the GISexpertise spectrum. These obstacles will 1) improve the ability to provide a supremely evolved spatial-decision making calculus, and 2) degrade the ability of the individual to provide an all-encompassing set of data to decision-makers. How can we as a community of interest help grapple with the diversity of booming challenges in and adjacent to our fields of expertise?

Keywords: Big data; Crowd-sourced data; Data science; Geospatial science; GIS; Imaging; Remote sensing; Integration; GPS

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