Kyungpook National University Hospital

The Kyungpook National University Hospital is located in Daegu, South Korea. It was derived from the DaeGuDongIn Hospital which had opened in 1907. It has played as centered hospital of Gyeongsangbuk-do. As 1952 Kyungpook National University is established, it is following to the Kyungpook National University Hospitals. It is known to Korean as important general hospitals.

Kyungpook national university hospital(KNU hospital in following) was opened to the public in 100 years ago when the western medical science arrive in Korea. With numerous clinical research and diagnoses, we have lead the way in developing the medical field overall and remained as one of the best medical institute for the community.

After unification with ChilGok branch and KNU dentistry clinic, we want to renovate all of our facilities into global KNU hospital, based on our long solid reputation. With our long history and heritage, KNU medical center will set up utmostly advanced medical system under the partnership from Cancer clinic, ChilGok branch and KNU dentistry clinic. Hundred years worth of history, medical research, educational support by university faculty and mixture of high techonology medical equipment will make KNU hospital into a global medical institute.

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