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The Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is the home of six schools (including one of two LSU medical schools), 12 Centers of Excellence, and two patient care clinics. Due to Hurricane Katrina, the School of Dentistry was temporarily located in Baton Rouge but has since returned to its campus in New Orleans. It resumed operations in New Orleans in September 2007. As a state school, it mostly accepts residents of the state of Louisiana with the exception of combined M.D./Ph.D. students and also children of alumni.

The LSU Health Sciences Center School of Medicine was founded in 1931 commissioned by Huey Long. It was originally located at 1542 Tulane Avenue, adjacent to the then-rebuilt Charity Hospital building, which was completed in 1939.

The School of Graduate Studies was established in 1965, followed by the School of Dentistry in 1966, the School of Nursing in 1968, and the School of Allied Health Professions in 1970. The School of Public Health was founded in 2003.

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