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Founded in 1973, the UEx, with over 24,000 students enrolled, is nowadays a dynamic institution, which is still in the process of growing. The University has campuses in Badajoz, Cáceres, Mérida and Plasencia, towns which preserve their rich historical past (two are World Heritage Centres). These strategic locations allow for a wide dissemination of the University’s teaching throughout Extremadura, while offering international students varied activities, life styles, and, above all, the hospitality of their peoples in a unique geographical location, which is a stone’s throw from cities like Madrid or Seville or the border with Portugal.The undergraduate degree programmes are designed to serve the interests of students while meeting the needs of the society in which the University is embedded. Surfing the UEx website reveals that the different Schools and Faculties offer degree programmes that range from the more traditional to the most up-to-date, although, in all cases, the approach is in line with modern European guidelines and an increasing emphasis on offering opportunities for work experience that will ease graduates’ entry to the job market. Furthermore, the UEx offers post-graduate, Master’s and Doctorate courses and programmes inspired and implemented by its prestigious research groups.

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