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Isolation, Identification of TJ430 Strain and the Chemical Structure Elucidation of Antifungal Active Metabolite

Isolation, Identification of TJ430 Strain and the Chemical Structure Elucidation of Antifungal Active Metabolite

To obtain a new agro-antibiotic, rare actinomycetes were widely isolated by improved separation methods from soil samples and the chemical structure of the antifungal active product was elucidated. Dry heating method was used for soil samples pretreatment and the improved HV separation medium for rare actinomycetes separation; agar block rapid screening was used for the rapid evaluation of rare actinomycetes biological activity; For the identification of a strain numbered TJ430, morphology observation, cell chemical composition analysis, physiological and biochemical analysis, enzymology characteristics analysis, 16s rDNA sequence analysis, and DNA hybridization method were used respectively; bioactive crude extracting from fermentation was purified by column chromatography and preparative chromatography; infrared spectroscopy and high resolution mass spectrometry was used for structure elucidation of bioactive ingredient. A total of 570 strains rare actinomycetes were isolated; Rapid screen of antibacterial activity showed that the numbered TJ430 strain showed excellent anti oomycetes and broad-spectrum antifungal activity. The strain identification result shows that the strain is a S. cavourensis. Finally, compound with purity reaching as high as 98% or more was obtained. The molecular formula of the effective ingredient is C40H66N3O11, and molecular weight is 765. Amino, methyl, methylene, carbonyl, covalent bond, isopropyl and other chemical groups should be contained in the molecular. The detailed chemical structure of the antibacterial active ingredients remains to be further studied. The antibacterial active ingredient most likely is a new kind of compound with good development prospect.

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