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Some Chemical and Microbiological Characteristics of Shawerma Meat Product

Some Chemical and Microbiological Characteristics of Shawerma Meat Product

This study aimed to determine the chemical and microbiological quality characteristics of Shawerma meat product which is consumed largely as snack food in many Arabic countries including Sudan. Fifteen samples of Shawerma were collected from various sites in Wad Madani (central Sudan). These sites included, AlsugAlkabeer (A), AlsugAlsageer (B) and AlsugAlshabi (C). In addition, control samples of Shawerma were prepared at the laboratory using the most common method followed in Wad Madani. The results indicated that there were notable differences in most of the chemical components of raw and cooked Shawerma. The pH value of the various Shawerma samples falls between 4.8 � 0.1 and 5.4 � 0.05. However, the protein content of raw Shawerma (19.25 � 0.9 to 23 � 0.41%) was lower than that of cooked Shawerma (22.75 � to 28 � 0.9%). The fat content in raw Shawerma ranged between 3.44 � 0.32 and 6 � 0.1%, while in cooked Shawerma, it ranged between 4.76 � to 10 � 0.15%.

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