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Commentary, Prensa Med Argent Vol: 104 Issue: 3

A Survey for Detection of the Urinary Tract Infection by Urine Culture in Younger than Eight Weeks Old Infants Suffering From Ichter in Amiralmomenin Hospital in Zabol City


Jaundice is one of the most common neonatal and infantile diseases and the most common cause of hospitalization in neonates and infants; this disorder occurs in 60% of infants and 80% of preterm infants. It is often physiologic and does not require special action, but it can be a sign of an important disease, and if not treated properly, leads to serious and dangerous complications such as Kernicterus (bilirubin deposition in the brain) that causes lifelong disability. One of the reasons for the increase in serum bilirubin levels is the transfer from fetal to infant phase  and the temporary inability of the neonate liver to purify the bilirubin from the blood, because bilirubin is excreted by the pair during the fetal period; however, during the neonatal period, bilirubin is excreted by the liver cells and through the biliary and gastrointestinal tract .prolonged jaundice refers to cases where it lasts for more than two weeks in term infants and three weeks in preterm infants .

Keywords: Consequences; Hemolysis; Complications; Urinary tract

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