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Research Article, Prensa Med Argent Vol: 104 Issue: 5

Assessment of the Level of Uncertainty and the Factors Affecting it in Iranian Patients with Breast Cancer


Background: Uncertainty is one of the most common experiences among the women with breast cancer. From among the psychological problems, these patients are constantly experiencing uncertainty. Since these patients may feel uncertain even years after treatment due to the long-term effects of the disease and the risk of recurrence, this study aims at determination of the level of uncertainty and the factors affecting it in patients with breast cancer.

Methods: This is a descriptive-correlation study in which 50 patients with breast cancer, who referred to the Neshat Park

Outpatient Surgery Clinique in Kerman Province, were investigated after convenience sampling and observation of the inclusion criteria for the study. Data were collected using demographic characteristics questionnaire and disease uncertainty questionnaire. According to the results, the average score of uncertainty in patients with breast cancer was 106 which show a high level of uncertainty.

Results: The results also showed uncertainty in patients with breast cancer had no significant relationship with any personal information such as age, marital status, education, insurance status, employment, monthly income, history of other diseases, duration of the disease, duration of treatment, breast cancer in other family members, and education about breast cancer issues. The personal characteristics of patients with breast cancer did not affect their level of uncertainty.

Conclusion: It is likely that the impact of cancer on the mental status of these patients is more effective than these It is likely that the effects of cancer on the mental status of the patients is higher than these characteristics. It is recommended that this study is performed on a larger number of samples.

Keywords: Uncertainty; Effective factors; Breast cancer

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