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Annual Meeting Abstract, J Food Nutr Disor Vol: 9 Issue: 5

Determinants of household food insecurity among smallholder farmers in ilu Galan district, Oromia region, Ethiopia


This research endeavour aims at focussing on Total Quality Management techniques to address a significantly fulcrum-oriented aspect of Food processing, namely Food Fortification. This ethos has been chosen as the focal point of the research as it is extremely relevant in the backdrop of the Global Pandemic. The need of the hour is to make available a spectrum of locally grown, accessible and native dietary inclusions from the Indian diet, to attain, retain and maintain Holistic Wellness in the populace. The perspective and mind-set are Universally relevant due to many factors. They are designed to benefit paediatric to geriatric subjects. They are biochemically nodal in generating a quantum enhancement in immune profile of the subject and furthermore, the research can be extrapolated to commercial, large-scale and entrepreneurial dimensions.

Keywords: Food, Nutrition

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