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Annual Meeting Abstract, J Food Nutr Disor Vol: 9 Issue: 5

Effect of consumption of green tea and white bread on the bioavailability of iron NaFeEDTA in Moroccan breastfeeding women


Assessing the bioavailability and effecacity of iron NaFeEDTA to overcome the inhibitory effects consumption of phytic acid in white flour bread and polyphenols in green tea among Moroccan wome (anaemic or non-anaemic). 46 childbearing age women were divided in two groups; non-anaemic group (NAG; n=25, age 18-41y) and anaemic group (AG; n=21, age 19-39y). Each group was used as self-control by using two different iron isotopes. Each woman consumed 36g of bread (which contained 5.955mg phytic acide) fortified wit5h8Na FeEDTA or Na57FeEDTA with 300ml of green tea (which contained 492mg polyphenols) or with 300ml of water respectively. Iron absorption was measured by the erythrocyte incorporation 5o7f Fe and 58Fe labels after 14 days.

Keywords: Green tea, White bread

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