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Research Article, Prensa Med Argent Vol: 103 Issue: 4

Electrochemically Activated Water and Its Impact in Severe Alcohol Intoxication


Introduction: Currently there is no specific antidote in cases of poisoning by alcohol. Therefore, is always searching for new means and methods for the treatment of alcohol poisoning. The combination of the pharmacological properties of electrochemically ionized fluid with a negative oxidation- reduction potential (ORP) allows predicting its therapeutic effect by alcohol poisoning.
Objectives: modeled acute alcohol poisoning in rats, treatment was carried out with a liquid with a negative redox potential. Investigated the behavioral activity in the test “open field” and morphological study of the liver. In rabbits, recorded heart rate and respiratory movement’s intravenous administration of isotonic liquids with negative ORP.
Results: electrochemically activated water infusions to intact animals do not result in violations of electrical heart activity, increase emotional- locomotor activity and do not alter behavioral reactions.
Addition of alcohol to ionized liquid leads to gradual increase of its ORP that might be a pathogenic factor for a living body. Only 20 out of 60 male- rats appeared to be alcohol-dependant in simulation
of alcoholization. Volume of the consumed alcohol was more in its combination with water and less in its combination with water with negative redox potential; thus, use of it restrains alcohol intake in
Alcohol-dependant rats. The water with negative ORP decreases horizontal locomotor activity and emotional reactions in alcoholdependent rats.
Conclusion: The reception of the electrochemically ionized fluid with a negative ORP therapeutic effect in the simulation of alcohol poisoning in rats. Intravenous electrochemically ionized fluid with a negative ORP and does not cause adverse reactions of cardiovascular and respiratory system.

Keywords: Ethyl alcohol; Ethanol; Ionized liquid; Redox potential; Physical parameters of drinking water; Liver, Central nervous system (CNS)

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