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Research Article, Prensa Med Argent Vol: 104 Issue: 2

Modern Approaches to Prevention and Correction of the Attorney Syndrome at Sportsmen


Unbalanced workout during sports will lead to various dysfunctions in the body. With excessive loads on the athlete and improper construction of his workouts, the phenomena of fatigue can develop, leading to the formation of fatigue syndrome. At the heart of this condition is the oppression of the functions of internal organs and the development of pre-pathological changes in them. Prevention of this condition should be based on the competent development of the athlete’s endurance in the course of clearly arranged exercises. At the heart of the correction of fatigue syndrome should be balanced exercises of physical therapy. Good results in the treatment of fatigue syndrome give a dosed application of sports massage. Also, a strong positive effect on the organism of the overtrained athlete is provided by medical massage, acupressure and reflex massage. With the syndrome of fatigue, the use of cryotherapy, complexes of respiratory exercises, balneotherapy and hydrotherapy has been proven effective. A good effect is also provided by certain types of physiotherapy, applied alone or in combination with other means. It is clear that fatigue syndrome is a pre-pathological process, the development of which is better not to allow the athlete, and when he appears, it is necessary to quickly and correctly remove this condition.

Keywords: Overtraining; Fatigue; Athletes; Prevention; Correction

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