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Research Article, J Food Nutr Disor Vol: 10 Issue: 7

Production of Nectar and Jam from Kirkir Fruit (Vangueriaadagascariensis) and Assessment of their Physico-chemical Characteristics and Phenolics Compounds



In the present study, nectar and jam products were developed from kirkir fruit following the standard steps. Both products were subjected to analysis for physicochemical characteristics and phenolic compounds. The results indicated an increasing in the total soluble solids content and pH value of kirkir nectar was in an increasing trend during storage for 3 months at room temperature (30 ? 50C) and refrigeration (4-60C). While the total sugars content of kirkir nectar was decreased from 14.32% to 13.6% and from 14.32 to 14.25% with increasing periods of storage up to 3 months. And ascorbic acid content of kirkir nectar was decreased from 23.3 mg/100 g to 14.34 and from 23.3 to 18.90 at two storage temperatures (room temperature (30? 50C) and (4-60C) respectively. The polyphenols (tannin) content of kirkir nectar were in decreasing trend from 0.3100 to 0.2510 and from 0.3100 to 0.2790 at both storage temperatures (room30?50Cand 4-60C), respectively. On the other hand, the analyses of kirkir jam indicated that both TSS and TA increased while pH and total sugar decreased with an increased storage period. Moreover, vitamin C of kirkir jam was decreased trend from 24 to 11 mg/g and from 24 to16, with increasing of period storage from zero time to three months at room temperature (30 ± 50C) and refrigeration (4-60C), respectively

Keywords: Antimicrobial, antioxidant agents, spices, flavor, Taste, refreshments, Minerals

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