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Review Article, Prensa Med Argent Vol: 103 Issue: 3

Some aspects of Treatment of Patients having Dislipidemia on the Background of Hypertension


At present dislipidemia and hypertension are considered as leading independent risk factors of cardio-vascular pathology. Their effective treatment leads to significant decrease of occurrence of cardio-vascular diseases and mortality because of this reasons.There is an opinion among physicians that the capabilities of nonmedication impact on treatment of dislipidemia on the background of hypertension are rather underestimated. We mean rational diet and dosed exercises, especially on the background of continuous intake of medicines.

The aim of the study is to state the results of modern investigations concerning treatment of dislipidemia and hypertension combination.

It is confirmed in the literature is that effective lowering of arterial pressure level and removal of dislipidemia are the basis of treatment and prophylaxis of atherosclerosis? Besides, the achievement of purposeful values of given indices is possible far not always. In this connection it is necessary to heighten attention to simultaneous conducting of hypolipidemic and hypotensive therapy. It is possible for most patients with different level of cardiovascular risk. There were stated the aspects of complex treatment of dislipidemia and hypertension with taking into consideration the level of cardio-vascular risk. There were considered in detail the last ideas about pathogenic connections between dislipidemia and hypertension. It was shown the role of hypercholesterolemia as a factor lowering bioavailability of nitric oxide, rising rigidity of a vessel wall, increasing sensibility of smooth myocytes to natrium and strengthening the functioning of calcium channels. At the same time, high arterial pressure increases the speed of atherogenic lipoproteins’ penetration into a vessel wall with the help of pressure convection, during which parts of lipoproteins enter the structures of subendothelium. There was summarized the information received from different clinical investigations concerning estimation of therapeutic capabilities of combined application of statins and hypotension medicines to patients with dislipidemia and hypertension. There were cited the data about the results of usage of fixed combinations of preparations from these groups with taking into consideration the attachment degree of patients to prolonged therapy.

Keywords: Hypertension; Alimentary dyslipidemia; Combined therapy; Statins; Hypotensive treatment; Attachment to therapy

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