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Research Article, Prensa Med Argent Vol: 104 Issue: 1

The Issue of Mental and Motor Disturbances and Correction Thereof In Children with Infantile Cerebral Paralysis and Moderate Mental Retardation


Correction of the condition of children with infantile cerebral paralysis and moderately expressed mental retardation is a serious problem of modern recreation therapy. The goal of this article is to analyze the available information on the most important aspects of mental and motor disturbances in children with infantile cerebral paralysis and moderate mental retardation and to summarize the information on the most effective approaches for the compensation of such disturbances. The work contains information on primary mental and physical problems of mentally challenged children with infantile cerebral paralysis who require active compensation for the arrangement of conditions for the maximum possible health improvement and introduction of such children into the society. The articles deals with main approaches to the correction of psychomotor defects in case of infantile cerebral paralysis which proved to be effective in practice and which can be taken in case of moderate mental retardation. After the analysis of the available information on the problem, it becomes clear that there is still a need for additional development of options for the complex correction of existing disturbances in this category of children. Further development of new methods and the refinement of existing ones can result in the improvement of their health which should ensure the greater degree of their integration into society.

Keywords: Children; Infantile cerebral paralysis; Mental retardation; Mental disorders; Motor disturbances; Physical rehabilitation

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