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Shaanxi Normal University

Shaanxi Normal University is a key institution of higher education in People's Republic of China authorized to grant degrees in almost all kinds of subject. It was included in the 211 Project in 2006 and started its high-speed development Directly administered by the Ministry of Education of China, Shaanxi Normal University, a key university under the construction plan of China’s national "211 Project" and a university under China’s Innovation Platform Construction Plan of the "985" Superior Discipline of Teacher Education, is a major base for training teachers and administrators of higher learning institutes and secondary schools as well as other high-level professionals in China, and is known as the “Cradle of Teachers” in Northwest China. During its 70-year history in education, the University, while rooted in China’s West, has embraced the whole country, developed a school spirit of “Morality, Learning, Aspiration and Action” and has seen itself become firmly established in Western China as an influential top-tier comprehensive teachers training university, as it strives to achieve the goal of building itself to be a major comprehensive research university distinguished by its teacher education. In 2014, the university was rank 71 in China, and rank 8 in Chinese normal universities.

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