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International Association of Yoga Therapists was founded in 1989 by Larry Payne, PhD, and Richard Miller, PhD. Larry served as IAYT’s founding president & publisher with Richard as the founding editor of the Journal of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. The first published Member’s Directory in 1991 presented 185 names representing 10 countries. Amy Gage was the next president, 95-96 and Lilias Folas served as acting president from '96-98.  IAYT hosted a general membership meeting at the first Yoga Journal conference in 1996 with Dean Ornish, MD, as the keynote speaker. IAYT also hosted some of the first meetings on standards for the training of yoga teachers at the 1997 and 1998 Yoga Journal conferences, a project subsequently adopted by the Yoga Alliance.
In 1999, IAYT was dissolved as an independent, nonprofit organization and operated as a special division of Yoga Research and Education Center (YREC) under the overall leadership of internationally respected yoga scholar and author Georg Feuerstein, PhD, who founded and served as president of YREC. IAYT’s Journal of Yoga Therapy was renamed the International Journal of Yoga Therapy (IJYT). Larry Payne served as director and Trisha Lamb assumed administrative responsibilities for the organization and managing editor responsibilities for IJYT.
In 2003, with the support of YREC and IAYT’s founders and initial leadership, IAYT separated from YREC and, in 2004, once again became an independent, nonprofit organization. Trisha Lamb and John Kepner served as founding board members of the renewed IAYT and Veronica Zador served as first president of the new board of directors.

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