University of Brasilia

The University of Brasilia is a Brazilian public university funded by the Brazilian federal government. It is located in the countrys capital, Brasilia. The University of Brasilia Foundation was created on December 15, 1961. Professor Darcy Ribeiro, who became its first chancellor, was one of the most enthusiastic supporters of its creation. The architect Oscar Niemeyer designed its main building, the Central Institute of Sciences (ICC), which has 700 m of length. The University of Brasilia has been ranked as one of the top five public universities in Brazil by Guia do Estudante ("Student Guide"), an annual publication of Editora Abril. It ranks at #8 in the list of the best universities in the country. Several of its graduate programs have been graded 6 and 7 (in a scale from 1 to 7) in the annual assessment conducted by the government agency CAPES, including its programs in Anthropology, Mathematics, Geology, Economics, Law, among others. Its programs in Economics, International Affairs and Political Science are ranked at #1 among public universities in the country.

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