Alexander B. Poletaev, PhD

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Medical Research center
Medical Research Center Immunculus, Russia

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Alexander B. Poletaev is the founder & Head of the Medical Research Center Immunculus He had experience as lecturer at Federal Drug Center, Ministry of Health Service, Moscow Head of Immunology Dept & on 1992-2001 Medical & Ecological Foundation “Chernobyl-Test” Research Director. Moscow Head of Laboratory 1986-1989 Research Institute of Normal Physiology RAMS, Moscow Senior Researcher 1977-1980 Research Institute of Normal Physiology RAMS, Moscow ResearcherDr. Alexander has more than 170 special publications, including 5 books; Author of 15 Patents (Biochemistry, Immunology, Biotechnology)

Research Interest

Immunophysiology, Natural autoimmunity, Immunobiotechnology, Oncoimmunology, Immunology of pregnancy and fetal development, Autism