Daniel L. Kaplan, PhD

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Florida State University, USA

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Daniel Kaplan joined the Florida State University College of Medicine in 2012 as an Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences. Prior to joining FSU, Dr. Kaplan was an Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University, where he led a team that published primary research articles that investigated how DNA replication is initiated. As a post-doctoral fellow, Daniel Kaplan worked with National Academy of Science member Mike O’Donnell at Rockefeller University and published manuscripts on the function and mechanism of replication fork helicases. Two of these manuscripts (Mol Cell 2002 and Mol Cell 2004) have been cited by the Faculty of 1000 website. In graduate school, Daniel Kaplan worked with Nobel Laureate Thomas Steitz at Yale University to determine how the bacterial replication fork helicase, DnaB, modulates DNA structure. Dr. Kaplan attended Yale Medical School and received training in cancer research before entering graduate school.

Research Interest

DNA replication and Genome Maintenance.