Moshi Geso, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Department of Medical Sciences
RMIT University,  Australia

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Graduated with Bachelor degree in science specialised in Physics at University of Mousel. He completed his master degree in physics. The degree was based on one year course work in advanced physics and a thesis based on research in the area of radiation detectors. He completed PhD degree in intermediate energy nuclear and particle physics from University of California at Los Angeles – USA in 1988. One and a half year advanced physics course work then research based thesis. The research was conducted at Los Alamos national laboratory using 800 MeV proton beam. Since 1991 changed field to medical physics and started teaching and research at the department of medical radiations RMIT University as lecturer. In 1998 promoted to senior lecture and 2006 to associate professor. Supervised 9 PhD students to completion in the field of Medical Physics radiations. Most of the projects were based on applications of nanoparticles in radiologic imaging and radiotherapy particularly dosimetry. Also moved into radiobiology where lately involved in few projects in this field where nanomaterials are included in the biological studies.

Research Interest

Effects of nanoparticles on the radiologic imaging, Radiation dose enhancements by nanoparticles, Radiobiological effects of nanoparticles mainly in vitro studies, All technical aspects of radiation therapy, Radiologic image quality, Proton beam radiotherapy, Radiation dosimetry in general.