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Editorial Board

Judith Gault

Editorial Board Members: Judith Gault, PhD
Department of Neurosurgery
University of Colorado, USA

Contact Judith Gault
Brian R. Davis

Brian R. Davis, PhD
Center for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, USA

Contact Brian R. Davis
Paul J. Higgins

Paul J. Higgins, PhD
Centre for Cell Biology & Cancer Research
Albany Medical College, USA

Contact Paul J. Higgins
Mikhail Kolonin

Mikhail Kolonin, PhD
Center For Metabolic and Degenerative Diseases
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, USA

Contact Mikhail Kolonin
Lih Kuo

Lih Kuo, PhD
Department of Medical Physiology
Texas A&M Health Science Center, USA

Contact Lih Kuo
Yun-Min Zheng

Yun-Min Zheng, PhD
Center for Cardiovascular Sciences
Albany Medical Center, USA

Contact Yun-Min Zheng
Yao-Shan Fan

Yao-Shan Fan, MD, PhD
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA

Contact Yao-Shan Fan
Dongming Hou

Dongming Hou, MD
Saint Joseph's Translational Research Institute, USA

Contact Dongming Hou
Shivani Maffi

Shivani Maffi, PhD
Department of Molecular Medicine
University of Texas Health Science Center, USA

Contact Shivani Maffi
Yong-Xiao Wang

Yong-Xiao Wang, PhD
Center for Cardiovascular Sciences
Albany Medical Center, USA

Contact Yong-Xiao Wang
Ningyan Zhang

Ningyan Zhang, PhD
Texas Therapeutic Institute
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, USA

Contact Ningyan Zhang
Hiranmoy Das

Hiranmoy Das, PhD
College of Medicine
Ohio State University, USA

Contact Hiranmoy Das
Moulinath Banerjee

Moulinath Banerjee, PhD
Centre for Endocrinology and Diabetes
University of Manchester, UK

Contact Moulinath Banerjee
Ulrich Mahlknecht

Ulrich Mahlknecht, MD, PhD
Division of Immunotherapy and Gene Therapy
Saarland University, Germany

Contact Ulrich Mahlknecht
Pasquale Pagliaro

Pasquale Pagliaro, MD, PhD
University of Turin, Italy

Contact Pasquale Pagliaro
Vittorio Calabrese

Vittorio Calabrese, PhD
Department of Chemistry
University of Catania, Italy

Contact Vittorio Calabrese
Enrico Rizzarelli

Enrico Rizzarelli, PhD
Department of Chemical Sciences
University of Catania, Italy  

Contact Enrico Rizzarelli
Xavier Bosch

Xavier Bosch, PhD
Department of Internal Medicine
University of Barcelona, Spain

Contact Xavier Bosch
Massimiliano Mazzone

Massimiliano Mazzone, PhD
VIB Vesalius Research Center, Belgium

Contact Massimiliano Mazzone
Zsolt Radak

Zsolt Radak, PhD
Semmelweis University, Hungary

Contact Zsolt Radak
Wei Wang

Wei Wang, PhD
Edith Cowan University, Australia

Contact Wei Wang
Milene Vianna Mulatinho

Milene Vianna Mulatinho, PhD
Instituto Fernandes Figueira, Brazil

Contact Milene Vianna Mulatinho
Hirofumi Kai

Hirofumi Kai, PhD
Advanced Biomedical Sciences
Kumamoto University, Japan

Contact Hirofumi Kai
Ye Tian

Ye Tian, MD, PhD
Harbin medical University, China

Contact Ye Tian
Xinhua Yin

Xinhua Yin, MD
Harbin Medical University, China

Contact Xinhua Yin
A-Dong Shen

A-Dong Shen, MD
Beijing Pediatric Research Institute
Capital Medical University, China

Contact A-Dong Shen
Xin Li

Xin Li, PhD
Southern Medical University, China

Contact Xin Li
Sungho Shin

Sungho Shin, PhD
Sogang University, Korea

Contact Sungho Shin

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