Zoran M Pavlovic

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Zoran M Pavlovic, MD
PRA International, Germany

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Dr. Zoran M Pavlovic is certified in Psychiatry. MD from School of Medicine Belgrade, Serbia. 10 years in total of clinical research experience as medical advisor, regulatory officer, CRA and investigator. 5 years of experience in industry medical affairs and 2 years of global CRO Medical Monitoring experience. Dr. Pavlovic is a member and advisor of major Neuropsychopharmacology associations and editorial boards of numerous peer-reviewed journals with substantial number of publications in eminent psychiatric journals

Research Interest

Dr. Zoran M Pavlovic has 20 years of therapeutic expertise in psychiatry and neurology with a focus on schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, ADHD, pain, substance use and impulse control disorders. Considerable experience in Movement disorders, Alzheimer's dementia and migraine.

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