Yong-Xiao Wang

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Yong-Xiao Wang, PhD
Center for Cardiovascular Sciences
Albany Medical Center, USA

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Dr Yong-Xiao Wang is a Full Professor in the Center for Cardiovascular Sciences at Albany Medical College, USA. He earned his M.D. at the Wannan Medical College and Ph.D. at the Fourth Military Medical University, and received his postdoctoral training at the Technology University of Munich and University of Pennsylvania. After then, Dr. Wang worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal Biology at the University of Pennsylvania.  

Research Interest

Dr. Wang has been highly successful in his scientific endeavors. As a first author, key contributor and corresponding author, he has had numerous publications in high-impact journals such as Circ Res, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, Nature, and Antioxid Redox Signal. In the past years, he has had a number of NIH and other grants as the Principal Investigator. Dr. Wang has collaborated with numerous well-known scientists, received multiple prestigious awards, served in various NIH study sections and other grant review panels, reviewed manuscripts for many scientific journals, and trained a number of scholars (some of whom are independent investigators in the field).  Our main research interests are to define: 1) the cellular and molecular mechanisms that control and regulate intracellular Ca+2 release and plasmalemmal Ca+2 influx, 2) the roles of intracellular Ca+2 as a signal in cellular responses, and 3) the cellular and molecular processes coupling Ca+2 signaling to Ca+2-activated ion channels, particularly in smooth muscle cells under physiological and pathological conditions.

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