Hirofumi Kai

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Hirofumi Kai, PhD
Advanced Biomedical Sciences
Kumamoto University, Japan

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 Hirofumi Kai is currently working as researcher at Advanced Biomedical Sciences, Kumamoto University, Japan. Dr. Hirofumi Kai’s research areas are Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics.

Research Interest

Dr. Hirofumi Kai currently investigating the molecular mechanisms of diseases such as cystic fibrosis, amyloidosis and cancer. Our main goal is to elucidate the factors involved in these diseases which could ultimately provide useful information to develop therapy. Specifically, we study 1) the intracellular trafficking and degradation of CFTR, ABC transporters, and transthyretin, 2) the innate immunity molecules in the epithelial cells, 3) new ways of inducing preconditioning molecules for disease prevention, 4) cell biology of physical stress and development of physical medicine.

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