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Istanbul Bilim University

Istanbul Bilim University was established by the Turkish Cardiology Foundation, with the law which was published on 28 March 2006 in Official Gazette of Republic of Turkey issue no 26122 (Act No. 5475 Acceptance Date: 22.03.2006). Universitys goal is to use every opportunity to educate the youth as honest and modern individuals, who are open for improvement, by positive science, human love and fellowship. Objectives are to produce graduates who are self-confident, tolerant and have the skills, knowledge, experience and capabilities to work effectively as a member of the health team both in national and international arena. Istanbul Bilim Universitys mission is to provide financial and moral contribution to the education system required to generate a HEALTH LABOR FORCE that understands all the health problems and realities in our age with an improved environmental consciousness. Let us not forget that HEALTH is the most precious treasure of each human.

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