Istituto Giannina Gaslini

The Istituto Giannina Gaslini was founded in 1931 by an act of love and solidarity of Senator Gerolamo Gaslini, who wished to honour his daughter, who passed away in her infancy. Gaslini wanted to ensure that children receive only the best possible type of treatment based on the most innovative research. Gerolamo Gaslini's intention was to create and perpetuate a unified, well-equipped and well-governed organisation, in which the experiences, knowledge and outcomes of the most advanced medical science would be able to find could find a position of constant confrontation, not only with the world of scientific and technological research, but also with the practical needs of treatment and assistance. Only through this ongoing exchange between clinical and research activities was the Institute able to ensure a more appropriate and instantly available service to children, or rather, to that particular segment of the world in which the dreams and hopes, not only of the children themselves, but of all humanity, reside. After its substantial and continuous activities were formally acknowledged, in 1959 the Institute was formally recognized as a Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Healthcare. This title has been confirmed time and time again through the years. Istituto Gaslini started its activity way back in 1938; seventy-five years of history, sacrifice and dedication, always at the forefront in the fields of research and treatment, without ever betraying the ideals of the original Founder. In September 2012, the Istituto Giannina Gaslini equipped itself with a new 5-storey annex comprising an area of 6,000 square metres. A new multidimensional "Accommodation System" dubbed a new multidimensional "Accommodation System" dubbed “CABEF” (Centro Accoglienza Bambino e Famiglia) (Child and Family Reception Centre) was launched in September 2012. (Child and Family Reception Centre) was launched in September 2012.

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