Sichuan University

Sichuan University is one of China’s key universities under the direct supervision of Ministry of Education which is located in West China. It is a merge of 3 national universities: The Former Sichuan University, The Former Chengdu University of Science & Technology and The Former West China University of Medical Sciences. Sichuan University has a staff of 11,357 in which 1,323 are professors, 2,345 are associate professors and the rest are administrative staff. SCU grants doctorates in 12 main disciplines and 111 subordinate disciplines for their student’s encouragement. SCU has one of the finest research laboratories in China. The research conducted in SCU publishes more than 4000 research papers per year. SCU has several departments under it and are as follows. They are College of Arts, School of Pharmacy, College of Mathematics, College of Foreign Languages and Cultures etc. Sichuan University is ranked 8 considering all colleges in China.

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