Sandeep Kumar Singh, PhD

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Department of Neurobiology University of Chicago, USA

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Dr. Sandeep Kumar Singh was recently employed as a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Chicago. In this new role his work was focus on the role of microbial immune responses in AD pathogenesis. Using a highly collaborative research approach, involving principal investigators from over the USA. These ongoing studies will significantly impact the research field and continue to explore the largely unknown contribution of commensal microbes in health and disease. he has a significant experience in animal work (establishing transgenic drosophila lines, handling of transgenic mice model, oral gavage and injection treatments, behavioral testing and analysis, anesthesia, cardiac perfusion) including other laboratory techniques like; Isolation of DNA and RNA, Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE & Agarose), Western Blotting, Screening of Microbes from Different Samples, PCR/RT-PCR, immunohistochemistry and Immunofluorescence. Work conducted during his 3rd year of PhD has been presented at the 13th International Geneva/Springfield Symposium on Advances in Alzheimer Therapy in 2014 at Switzerland. He also awarded from Indian Council of medical research.

Research Interest

Biochemistry; Neurobiology;  Alzheimer’s disease, biochemical and molecular biology, Genotoxicity