Stephane Heas, PhD

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Sport and Physical Activities
University of Rennes, France

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Dr. Stephane Heas is currently working on physical activity and sport. Dr Heas study techniques, representations, norms and body experiences nowadays, mainly in France. He focus on two processes from a sociological perspective (merging the findings of E. Goffman, J.C Kaufmann and D. Le Breton) as well as through a qualitative method (interviews, observation periods): He detail those causing social exclusion and disenfranchisement. There are numerous, cumulative forms of discrimination which also affect sport and leisure. Where individuals’ appearance (color of skin, hair, etc.) is an explicit motive for exclusion and investigates this in particular. The rationales underpinning personal and/or professional identities marred by experience of discrimination and social exclusion. Indeed, involvement in physical activities is linked to individual stories, which are branded by sometimes very brutal biographical events (accident, chronical diseases such as HIV or Pemphigus). Disabled people, whether temporarily or permanently, engage differently with society and in sport. These differences are in turn the object of my investigations.

Research Interest

Dr. Stephane Heas research Interests are: Body Education Identity Construction Alternative sporting and professional activities Sports Violence

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