Ben Odhiambo Kisila, PhD

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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Mary Washington

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Dr. Ben Odhiambo Kisila is currently an Associate Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at University of Mary Washington. He was undergraduated and graduated at University of Nairobi, Kenya and University of Victoria, Canada respectively. He earned his PhD in Environmental Dynamics (Geoscience) in 2002 from University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. His research interests includes the behavior of contaminants and nutrients in the context of natural aquatic systems; using tools such as hydrochemical water analysis, transient and steady state tracers, particle fluxes and sedimentation rates, multivariate statistics and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Of particular interest are analyses of surface water contaminant sources; eutrophication of lakes and reservoirs associated with fluxes of nutrients and increase of productivity in surface waters; watershed geomorphological analysis; use of geophysical methods in sedimentation research such as multifrequency echo-sounding systems to estimate sedimentation rates, sediment thicknesses and stratigraphical sequences in lakes and reservoirs; using isotopes in estimating sediment fluxes and sediment fingerprinting (natural versus anthropogenic); ground water quality and contamination; and the interaction between surface and ground waters, i.e., using major ions and stable isotopes in establishing mixing trends and contamination.

Research Interest

Dr. Ben Odhiambo Kisila's research interests include: Bathymetry, geology, sedimentation, and geochemistry of lakes and reservoirs Watershed changes and analysis: impact on water quality in streams, lakes, reservoirs and coastal zones The impacts of dam removals Phosphorous dynamics in fluvial and coastal zones as a function of both climatic change and human activities

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