Cherie J. Westbrook, PhD

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Department of Geography and Planning
University of Saskatchewan

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Dr. Cherie J. Westbrook is currently working as an Associate Professor in Department of Geography and Planning at University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Westbrook grew up in southern Ontario. She holds an Hon. BSc from University of Toronto (Environmental Science), a MSc from University of Alberta (Environmental Biology and Ecology) and a PhD from Colorado State University (Ecohydrology). The Research and teaching of Dr. Westbrook involves the field of ecohydrology, and use of principles from hydrology and ecology to improve the understanding of the form and function of wetland and riparian ecosystems. Main Focus is on studying the interactive pathways between surface and ground waters, how beavers and humans influence these pathways, and as a result, how water and nutrients are exported from wetlands and riparian areas. More recently, she has been linking this research to the field of environmental assessment. The Sites where Dr. Westbrook research include the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Argentine Andes, Prairie Pothole Region, and boreal forest.

Research Interest

Dr. Cherie J. Westbrook's research interests include: Ecohydrology Groundwater-surface water interactions Water storage Hydro-biogeochemistry Peatlands Rocky Mountains Canadian Prairies Beaver