Hospital Universitario La Paz

The La Paz University Hospital, part of the Autonomous University of Madrid, was started in 1961 as part of the hospital network of the National Health System.

The university hospital has a large teaching history as pioneered in the implementation of the training program MIR, as a pilot project in 1967. At present the university hospital has 52 specialties with Teacher Credentialing, with a total of 580 residents, 58 residents of nursing specialties, 60 MIR of Family and Community Medicine North Area and an average of 550 external rotating from other national and foreign centers.This prestigious hospital is widely recognized for its range of specializations.

The university hospital has around 1,300 beds in four buildings: a General Hospital, Rehabilitation and Trauma Hospital and a Children’s and Maternity Hospital. There are 45 operating theatres and 7,000 qualified employees. The university also hosts the La Paz Medical Research Institute.

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