Pennstate College of Agricultural Sciences

The College of Agricultural Sciences is a faculty of Pennsylvania State University. The first of the colleges established at Penn State, the College of Agricultural Sciences awarded the nation’s first baccalaureate degrees in agriculture in 1861. In 1855, before the College of Agriculture Sciences, it was a high school known as The Farmer's High School run by Evan Pugh.

Pugh help transform the Farmer's High School into the College of Agriculture Sciences by supporting Congress to pass the Morrill Land-Grant Act in 1863. As a result, government receives money from the sales of land to help fund a college that would teach people better farming methods. At the time, College of Agriculture Sciences was the only land-grant institution in the state of Pennsylvania. In addition to learning farming methods, Pugh had contributed other subjects to the college including chemistry, geology, mathematics, and mineralogy. Not only did he contributed knowledge to the college but he also donated money towards the laboratory buildings and research. Pugh died on April 29, 1864.

Today, he is known as the first President of The Pennsylvania State University and the highest award a professor can receive at the university is named after him which is called the Evan Pugh Professors. With 12 academic units and 67 cooperative extension offices, one in each of Pennsylvania’s counties, the college is widely recognized as one of the nation's premier institutions for agricultural research and education programs.

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