Plant Pathology Research Institute

The organization preceding the Plant Pathology Research Institute (PPathRI) was originally formed from a branch of mycological research in the Department of Plant Breeding, in December 1919, As such, it is considered one of the first research organizations established in Egypt. The original aim was to survey plant diseases attacking the most important field crops. Early comprehensive studies included wilt and sore-shin diseases of cotton.

The original research unit expanded to become the Plant Pathology Section and in 1973, the Plant Pathology Research Institute. PPathRI headquarters and some research sections are currently located in Giza, at the Agriculture Research Center (ARC). An additional section is located in Dokki. The institute has offices on floors of other institutes and many small buildings housing separate research sections. Presently, a central building for the institute is under construction.

PPathRI strives to meet the demands of government agricultural policies, particularly those of national concern, while at the same time fulfilling industry needs. The institute conducts plant disease surveys, carries out research for the detection of causal organisms, quantifies crop loss assessment and develops management alternatives for control. Among its other activities, the institute supports the country's quarantine service, including examinations of imported and exported plant materials.

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