Natalia Kurhaluk, PhD

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Department of Animal Physiology
Pomeranian University, Poland

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Natalia Kurhaluk is assosiate professor in the department of Animal Physiology, Institute of Biology and Environmental Protection, Pomeranian University in Slupsk (Poland) Ph.D. in Physiology of Human and Animals (Candidate of Biological Sciences, Physiology of Human and Animals) obtained on April, 1996 (first degree) and on October, 2003 (second degree). The dissertation title (for first degree): “Effect of sodium -ketoglutarate on the energy support of digestive gland’s functioning under the extreme loading of the organism” . The dissertation title (for second degree): “Role of tricarbonic acid cycle intermediates in energy support processes and antioxidant enzymes activity under influence of extreme factors” Research Interests: Physiology, Biochemistry, Environmental Protection in the fields of Parameters of antioxidant defense system, Ecophysiological aspects of oxidative stress, and mitochondrial functioning.

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Research Interests: Physiology, biochemistry, psychology, ecology, toxicology, medicine.

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