Sergey V Brodsky, PhD

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Department of Pathology
Ohio State University, USA

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Dr. Sergey V. Brodsky graduated from North Ossetian State Medical Academy (Russia) in 1992 (MD). He obtained his PhD from the same medical school. After graduation, he stared his career as a researcher (see main topics below). In 2005-08 he completed residency in Anatomic Pathology (New York Medical College) and in 2008-09 he finished a fellowship in renal and transplant pathology at OSU. Dr. Brodsky is author/coauthor in more than 95 peer-reviewed publications and several book chapters.

Research Interest

Dr. Sergey V. Brodsky research interest includes: 1. Mechanisms of renal blood flow and vascular tone regulation. Regulation of renal function and renal blood flow in experimental congestive heart failure. 2. Endothelial cell dysfunction in hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Mechanisms of endothelial cell injury, the role of nitric oxide. Role of endothelial cell dysfunction in acute kidney injury. 3. Angiogenesis and mechanisms of its regulation. Developed novel model of kidney angiogenesis in vitro. 4. Endothelial microparticles and their role in the pathogenesis of endothelial cell dysfunction and angiogenesis. 5. Anticoagulation and kidney function. Novel syndrome was discovered in patients on warfarin therapy and acute kidney injury (warfarin related nephropathy), an animal model was created and the pathogenesis is being studied. 6. Renal pathology in patients with medical kidney diseases or kidney transplantation. Developed novel dual stain (PAS-Trichrome), which is currently used in the renal pathology practice.

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